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 AI & XR

Feb 3 - 11:00AM to 12:00AM

                 We're excited to see how AI & XR will change the future of game design industry. XR is now revolutionizing the way we design and create games. It's not just about making a game or creating a good app, it's about exploring and experimenting with new ideas. The future of game development is here, so buckle up and stay ahead of the curve. We are on a mission to shape the future of game design industry.


                 Keerthan H Sathya is a Senior Technical artist at Adobe 3D&I, With over 14+ years in 3D Industry, I worked across various industries such as Film production, Virtual Photography, AR VR technologies. worked with companies such as Trelleborg, Target and BCG, where he played a key role in enabling them with the 3D technologies. He currently specialize with the Substance toolset and help companies and artist across the globe to enable and implement Substance into the pipeline.

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Keerthan H Sathya


Feb 4 - 11:00AM to 12:00AM

                 Lets Talk about Intersection of Architecture and UX Design. How Architect can be UI-UX Designer? Join us on our journey to explore what it takes to create an role of architect in UX design. You can e a designer and an architect at the same time? That's hot!


                 Swathi is UI/UX design analyst at Covalense Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd, where she have 4 years of experience in design, with 2 years specifically in UI/UX. In addition to her full-time job, she also work part-time as a UI lecturer at Bangalore School of Design, and she also do freelance design work. she studied fashion design at Manipal Academy of Higher Education before transitioning to a career in UI/UX design.

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Ms. Swathi
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