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Feb 4 - 04:00PM to 04:45PM

                 Mastering Creative Communication: Discover how to tap into your creative potential and harness it for success in advertising, film, and more! This Master Class will teach you everything you need to know about creativity in advertising and film and provide tips and exercises to help you harness it for success.


                 Ar. Neha Vikram Checkered Spaces is a design firm that approaches each project with a focus on creative problem solving and a commitment to quality. The company appears to offer a range of design services for various types of spaces, and does not limit itself to any particular design style

Ar. Neha Vikram

Ar. Shankar S. Hosakere
Professor, School of Architecture,
Christ University, Kengeri Campus, Bangalore
Principal & MD, HSA Architects

Ar. Shankar S. Hosakere, a pioneering architect who earned his Master's degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Ar.  Shankar S. Hosakere

              Vinci Raj is a creative professional and Creative Director based in Chennai, India. He received his MBA and Masters in VIsual Communication, and has worked in various ad agencies, including Ogilvy and Mather and FCBULKA. He is known for his "Bounce Back" print compaign featuring Steve Jobs, Malala Yousafzai, and Mahatma Gandhi, as well as his no-smoking ad for HCG hospital and poster design for the upcoming Rajnikanth film Kabali, Kaala, Darbar.

Mr. Vinci Raj

             Pratik Dey is a concept artist, motion designer & illustrator. A brown boy who graduated from the National Institute of Design™ Ahmedabad. He's worked in various projects for TV, Music Videos & Games, Now working as a Concept artist at Mayhem Studios for the title mobile game Underworld Gang Wars, an upcoming game title.

Mr. Pratik Dey
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